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kollektor40Some details about our collector

The Twinsolar compact provides a room every hour with approx. 120 m³ of fresh air, not only when the sun shines but also on cloudy days. The electricity which is produced by solar panels, operates the integrated ventilator inside of the collector. The fresh outside air is filtered and drawn in through the heat insulated air collector, made of aluminium. In doing so, the fresh air is heated and channelled into the house via an insulated pipe. When the desired room temperature is reached, the system automatically switches off with the help of a thermostat. Even when there's no-one at home, the indoor climate is dry and healthy. Twinsolar compact is a self-sufficient system and doesn't need to be connected to the electrical grid.




TwinSolar compact 2.0 4.0 4.5 6.0
Heating - Living space up to** 15 30 30 40
Intensive ventilation - Living space up to** 40 80 85 100
Basic ventilation - Living space up to** 80 160 170 200
Lenght of collector m 2,0  4,0 2,25  6,0
Width of collector 1,0 1,0 2,1 1,0
Weight kg 47 90  110 135
Therm. peak performance * kWp 1,4 2,8 3,2 4,2
Air peak performance * m³/h 125  250 250 250
Ventilator performance 18 36 36 36
Temperature increase * K 35 35 40 45

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* at 1,000 W / m² solar radiation according to Solar Keymark test: peak power up to 700 Wp / sqm
** Please note the sizing recommendations in our solar ventilation brochure, page 8 and 9

German Quality...subsidised by the state

Our SolarAir collectors are being developt already for 30 years in our own factory in Amberg under the highest demands on quality. They are very robust and can be used during decades.


SolarAir collectors by Grammer Solar are subsidised in Germany.


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