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Petersen AlmutEasy installation. Effective performance!

Not only people in Germany need a SolarVentilation for their appartment or home. A lot of holiday homes are not inhabited during the winter and so they get damp and musty due to lack of ventilation. In the mountains there's lots of sun but anyway it's cold.

This is the perfect climate for our Twinsolar. The problem is that there's no local handyman available all the time. That's the reason why we have already integrated all the technique that's necessary for the collector to operate. The installation is done fast and simple.


Almut Petersen
International Sales Director

German Quality...subsidised by the state

Our SolarAir collectors are being developt already for 30 years in our own factory in Amberg under the highest demands on quality. They are very robust and can be used during decades.


SolarAir collectors by Grammer Solar are subsidised in Germany.


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