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Put an end to dampness and mould

SolarLueften KaeseglockeNot used in winter

Many holiday and weekend homes, club houses as well as studies and guest rooms are not constantly used in the winter and are therefore not regularly heated and ventilated. The rooms and the stock become damp, moist and mouldy. With a solar caretaker from Grammer Solar such problems become a thing of the past.

Dampness and mould

A musty smell is not only unpleasant but also extremely unhealthy if mould spores wreck havoc. Furthermore, the dampness results in expensive damage to textiles, furniture and also the structure of the building. Only adequate heating and ventilation - with SolarAir for example, can provide a permanent remedy for this.

SolarLueften HausSolarLueften Haus

German Quality...subsidised by the state

Our SolarAir collectors are being developt already for 30 years in our own factory in Amberg under the highest demands on quality. They are very robust and can be used during decades.


SolarAir collectors by Grammer Solar are subsidised in Germany.


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