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Arrive, take a breath and relax!


We wanted to have a great time in our holiday home in France from the first moment till our departure. That's why the Twinsolar meets our demands perfectly. As long as we are not staying in our holiday home, the system heats and ventilates regularly so that every room remains fresh and dry whitout ever getting cold. 
Before the installation, we used to ventilate and heat for hours before we could make ourselves comfortable in the house. After the winter, the furniture often had such a strong smell of mould that we had to dispose it.


German Quality...subsidised by the state

Our SolarAir collectors are being developt already for 30 years in our own factory in Amberg under the highest demands on quality. They are very robust and can be used during decades.


SolarAir collectors by Grammer Solar are subsidised in Germany.


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